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Monday, January 02, 2006

Unearthing Treasures

For months T has had his eye on a particular book that he saw at Fred Meyer called "The Silent House," a rather thick fantasy novel. Several days ago I relented and bought it for him. On the cover it mentioned that it was written by the same author of the "Forgotten Realms" series, and when T saw this he questioned me on it. Not being too familiar with Forgotten Realms, I told him it was similar to D&D and went on to explain the game and how Jody used to be an avid gamer. I thought we still had a number of D&D manuals lying about the house, and that immediately had T all excited.

Last night I finally tracked down the elusive D&D box and, unfortunately, the only role playing manual was one from Star Wars. T was a bit disappointed but soon discovered that this box held a number of wonderful treasures. He messed a bit with Jody's old bag of gaming dice. He spent most the night looking through the pile of comics....Star Wars, Aliens, and even dug up Jody's Spawn #1 (no he didn't open this one!).

In addition to the comics, we also found Jody's old yearbooks. What fun it was to see them! T got quite a kick out of them, especially seeing his dad with hair. "That's not my father!" he would exclaim ever so dramatically and begin laughing hysterically.

While looking through and categorizing the comics (you can't mix "Aliens: Newt's Tail" with "Alien vs. Predator") we watched a marathon on mummies on Discovery Times....6 hours in all!! One was a two hour special on Rameses, while the others were part of a series called "The Mummy Detective." T insisted on recording it so I am sure we'll be watching part, if not all, of this in the near future.

We started the big triops experiment yesterday and it looks like we may already have a few teeny tiny triops swimming about. Apparently there is some need to keep balance in our home when it comes to pets. As we add new triops to the house, we had some carnage in our crabitat. T and I went to Petco (again!) and came home with three new crabs on Saturday. By the next morning we had a dead crab on our hands. The poor fellow had one of his claws removed, and he had been pulled from his shell. All seems peaceful now; I certainly hope it remains that way.


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