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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Post Christmas Euphoria parents have left after a weeklong visit, and all is now right in the house. Even T was relieved to have the house to ourselves once again. He was a tremendously good sport overrall during the visit. Dad insists on watching every news channel nearly 24/7, except when there is football, basketball, golf, or a car race on. *sigh* T had to vie for time on the TV so he could play on his PS2.

The week was busy. We came across two Star Trek models (Enterprise and an old Klingon vessel) that T put together. He also received Sly 3 for the PS2 for Christmas so he has spent every chance he can playing it.

I bought a backgammon game before my parents arrived, in hopes that Dad would teach T how to play (he taught me the game when I was T's age). Unfortunately, that didn't happen, but Mom reintroduced herself to the game by reviewing the instructions, and we played a number of games one night. Hopefully I will be able to teach T if he is interested. I could see him being a ruthless backgammon player. I read somewhere that backgammon is derived from the ancient Egyptian game "Senet" (don't know how accurate that claim is), and T is very interested in learning it. I have it on order from an online store.

Tonight T and I watched a program on Egyptian curses and the 10 plagues of Egypt...very interesting stuff!


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