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Monday, December 19, 2005

Well, the week leading up to Christmas is upon us, and I'm working at top speed to get ready for Mom and Dad to arrive at the end of the week. T and I ran errands for part of the day...picking up a cable box for the master bedroom, the prime rib for Christmas Dinner, and a TV/DVD combo for T's room (BAD mom!).

This afternoon, T watched "Valiant" while putting together two models we picked up at Michaels. For the past few days he has really wanted to build an airplane model, so today he built a stealth fighter and an Apache. It's amazing how industrious he can be!

This evening T played on Neopets while I installed the cable box and finally attached the phone to the wall (GO ME!). After successfully hooking up the cable, I discovered that we get many more stations upstairs than on our main TV...go figure. T and I ended up watching a really cool reality show about the Iron Age on History Channel International. They had a group of 17 folks (men, women, and kids) living in an Iron Age Celtic "village" for seven weeks...very interesting stuff. We were lucky and watched part 1 tonight.

I've started working on a homeschool portfolio for T. It includes a basic course study outline just in case anyone ever tries to question what we are doing. With Alaska being so lax I doubt that will happen, but I'd rather play it safe. I also plan to write down any outings, a summary of activities week to week, and all the books that T reads.


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