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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

T is so driven. From the moment he wakes up until way past his bedtime (or at least the time I think he should be in bed) he is on the go. And it isn't just mindless wandering or uncontrollable motion - there is a purpose for everything he does. Today is no exception.

In town today we stopped at Schoolhouse Express. Apart from the comic shop, this is by far T's favorite store. We picked up two "Dragon Slayer's Academy" books and some wooden geometric blocks. T found a great "Make Your Own Mummy" kit so we bought that as well. Then we went by JoAnns so I could find a small sketchpad. While there T asked if we could pick up some more burlap for a backup Scarecrow mask. When I was looking at the drawing paper, T saw a neat quill and inkpot. Yep, that ended up leaving the store with us.

Once home T was on the run with his projects. He watched "The Mummy Returns" while going through his mummy kit. We made the canopic jars and T wrapped his mummy...and then unwrapped and wrapped again. He worked with the quill a bit. I was unable to get it to write at all, but T was quite successful.

For most of the evening T played on Neopets. He spent a few hours making his own levels to a certain game, each one more intricate and tricky than the next.

T, of course, never forgets about anything so at around 11PM he asks if we can pull out the sewing machine to make his mask. *sigh* As tired as I was (and still am!) it was hard to know I would curb his enthusiasm by telling him "not tonight." So out came the sewing machine and soon we had a duplicate mask.

I'm throwing caution to the wind when it comes to bedtimes and see how T does. Bedtime has always been a battle and with him having difficulties sleeping, forcing him to go to bed just makes things so much worse. So for now I'm not even going to mention when he has to go to bed and see how he reacts to it. I think he'll be staying up way later than I'm comfortable with, but hopefully we will soon fall into a rhythm. You never know til you try!


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