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Thursday, December 01, 2005

So here we are, the first day as homeschoolers.

T got up fairly early and played "The Mummy Returns" on his PS2 for a little while. After reminding him that we had a few errands to run later that morning, he went up and got dressed. He bounded down the stairs with books under his arms. One on Egypt and the other on the human body. "Where should we start, Mom? Afterall, we are doing homeschool now!" While eating breakfast, he thumbed through his body book thinking of different ways that I can test him on material.

Before we left the house, T began to mope. I asked him what was wrong, and he said that he was "bored." BORED?!?! It wasn't even 10:30AM, and I already had a child that was bored. This didn't look good. Hopefully he was surly since he wasn't real thrilled about getting out of the house.

Noon approached, and T asked if was almost lunchtime. I said that it was and asked him if he'd like to grab something to eat. His response? "But, Mom, when are we going to do recess? We always have recess before lunch, or we can do it after since you are the teacher -- even the principal! -- now." *sigh*

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing on the PS2, while I discovered the world of "neopets." I could see that being quite an addictive little activity; although, I bet T would enjoy it. I plan on showing it to him tomorrow.

This evening T finished his Scarecrow mask (it would have been finished last night, but I needed to hunt down some thick black thread for the finishing touches), and we watched "Lilo and Stitch 2." It's late, and T is now hunkered down on the couch (his bed for the night) with one of his many Goosebumps books.

I can see this being a very unsettling time for both T and I. For T, he'll need to abandon his "schoolish" thinking while dealing with a wave of different emotions, a task that may prove more difficult than I first thought. I never thought that he would be making references to school throughout the day - and it did happen all day long. For me, I'll have to gently guide T along this path and encourage him all the way, while working through my own feelings.


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