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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Well, three days have come and gone.... They really seemed like your typical long weekend....T playing a lot on both the PS2 and the computer, watching some movies, etc.

I introduced T to "Neopets." I'm not so sure that was a good idea. He now has a total of four pets - one that he "designed" himself and the other three were adopted. Grief, he probably would have adopted 100 more if he had been allowed. He wants to help them all...even if they are only little virtual critters. He now has a small house built and is earning "neopoints" by the thousands in order to buy food, medicine, and other necessities for his little charges.

Last night we went to Glow Putt for a Christmas party. Funny how there are so many people in the area that wear more than one hat in the community. The mayor for North Pole, for example, is also a science teacher and the director for the yearly science camp. The owner of Glow Putt is also the chief meteorologist for one of our local TV channels. Anyway....the party was fun, and T managed to get at least four holes in one (or is that hole in one's??).

Today was spent milling around the house, and then we headed off to the library, BBV, and the comic book store where I bought a new game called "Set." We'll see how that game goes. Right now T is watching a documentary on Leonardo DaVinci.

Most of my weekend has been spent reading. Heck, most of my free time (and then some!) has been spent, internet articles, email groups... I read one homeschooling book ("The Unschooling Handbook") in two late evenings. I'm now working on several books simultaneously: "Teach Your Own" "The Teenage Liberation Handbook" and "Raising Your Spirited Child." That last one might as well be called "Raising T" as I've never seen a more apt description of T in anything I've ever read. Both of the other books are incredibly insightful when it comes to homeschooling. Even though T is not a teenager and he's not trying to liberate himself from school (the main premise of the book) it does have a number of ideas on how to incorporate learning while just LIVING -- doing the things you're interested in, following your dreams, etc.

T has been really moody the past few days, getting frustrated extremely easily and just grumpy for the most part. I don't know if he's having conflicting feelings of leaving school...or maybe this is how he always is at school and I'm just now seeing the "real" T? Hopefully it's just a phase and nothing more serious than that.


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