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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Today T wanted to go to a movie. Since there really aren't any out that we haven't seen (except for Peter Jackson's "King Kong" which I don't know if T can handle), T asked if we could head to Value Village. We can't seem to leave this store without a bagfull of books, and today was no exception. Their kid's books are dirt cheap, however, so there is never any real damage to the pocketbook.

In addition to the various kid's novels, we found two books on ancient Egypt and one on the Aztecs. We also found a game T really enjoys called "Guess Who?"

This afternoon and evening, T spent time some time flipping through the Aztec book and looking at several "Calvin & Hobbes" cartoons I printed off the computer. From reading one of the comic strips, he was inspired to make a shrunken head...go figure! So, next thing I know T is diving into the fridge's produce drawer in search of an apple (future shrunken head).

T spent quite a bit of time on Neopets -- surprise, surprise -- and found another game where you can build your own levels. This one is a bit more complex, and we had to download the small program so he could make them. He learned how and where his saved files were located, how to copy/paste, and how to upload his levels onto the Neopets' site. I think he watched me only once and was then able to do it himself. He's probably built a half dozen or so levels already tonight.


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