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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Counting down to Christmas...

T's been going nuts over the Christmas nuts. For two years now, T gets to open up a hollow walnut for each day during the week leading up to Christmas. I guess they aren't actually hollow - they have a little strip of paper that give a clue to a small present. He may get things such as Silly Putty, a new book, etc. Today he got a small set of Magnetix, which are ball and rod magnets.

T received a box today from his grandma, and I let him open two out of the three gifts. He got another set of Magnetix and two Bionicles. He spent quite a bit of time in his room today watching a movie and putting together his Bionicles. He's been tinkering with the magnets throughout the day, making cubes and other various shapes/images, including his interpretation of Phineas Gage.

Last night T and I watched a program on Stonehenge -- it was fascinating! They talked about all sorts of things, from the theories on what it was used for to possible ideas on the construction. At one point T looked at the stones and said "hey those are sandstone!" Later, they revealed that the largest stones were, indeed, sandstone!


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