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Saturday, December 31, 2005

T the Protestor

T has always been one to speak his mind when it comes to injustice, whether it is not following rules on the school playground or environmental problems he sees while we are driving around town. His newest endeavor is protesting. He is so up in arms about all the trees that have been cut down and land cleared for post housing. Some of this land sits with piles of rotting trees since it was discovered that the ground was permafrost (nice of them to discover this after cutting the trees). When T found out he was incensed. He now wants to protest the unnecessary cutting of trees.

Once his friends come home from Christmas break, he wants to have a meeting at our house to organize his protesting group....get their input on how they feel about the trees being cut down, what they think can be done about it, make signs, etc. Basically rally the troops. ;o) He did say that he "will have to get permission from his friends' parents" first. LOL I'm trying to get him to see that letter writing and such is also a valuable way of letting yourself be heard. I know T feels very passionately about a number of things but never thought he'd become a social activist at the age of nine. Thoughts of a few kids protesting on post remind me of two things: Hermoine's SPEW campaign in "Harry Potter" and the running joke Jody and I have about "boycotting Hell" at the local baptist church.


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