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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Books, books, books.....and games

I think this Christmas could be described as "The Year of the Books." Two days before Christmas T said "I know what I want for Christmas!" I was screaming on the inside "It's two days before Christmas and NOW you decide to tell me what you want?? It's a wee bit late for that!" Keeping my composure I asked him what he wanted. "Books, books, and more books!" was his reply. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Over the past few months I bought several books to give to T for Christmas -- "Wizardology," "Dragonology" and its companion book "The Dragonology Handbook," "The Star Wars Ultimate Visual Guide," "How to be a Pirate," and "Inkheart."

You just never know what books may spark T's interest. He's used the two dragon books together. One has rune "translations" and he is using that to translate runes into English from the other book. The Star Wars guide seems to be a permanent fixture on our dining table. T flips through it whenever he is eating, and I've been known to search for vague Star Wars trivia when both of us can't seem to answer each others questions.

The two "ology" books are so imaginative and well thought out. They are, of course, fiction but are written from a research, nonfiction standpoint. The same goes for the dragon handbook and the pirate book. Dad was not thrilled with this. He seems to think it will confuse T on what is real and what is not....whatever.....

T received "Sly 3" for Christmas and has been playing it whenever the TV is free. With the Christmas money he received he bought "Heroscape" and "Star Wars Battlefront" for PS2. It looks like the Star Wars game will take center stage on the PS2 for a while. Heroscape looks really cool and should be fun to play if I ever take time to figure out the rules! It has a ton of hexagonal pieces so you can build your own 3D gameboard and comes with a number of playing pieces that are similar to Mageknight characters. So far, T has just really enjoyed making up his own "worlds" and playing with the game as he sees fit.


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