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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Critters, critters everywhere...

Our home is beginning to look like a zoo of miniature proportion. The fish and basenjis are now sharing their home with Merry the cockatiel (we've had her since Aug) and the newest additions of two hermit crabs and soon-to-be triops (who are still in egg form).

We found the hermit crabs at Petco several weeks ago, but their new living conditions were not that ideal -- a smallish critter keeper. After some research, T and I went out to gather up supplies for the perfect "crabitat" -- a ten gallon aquarium with screen lid (couldn't find a glass lid), under tank heater, sand, driftwood, and a nice large water bowl. Because of its size, we set up the crabitat in the computer room. T thought Merry's squawking would hurt the crabs' ears, but they will have to learn to be roommates. ;o) It seems that the crabs are quite happy; our more active crab hightailed it around the aquarium several times, racing through the length of the driftwood, examining the large shell, messing with the fake plant, and spending quite a bit of time in the water and food dishes. HAPPY CRABS! Contrary to their name, hermit crabs actually live in large colonies so we may end up purchasing one or two more to give our guys a more colony feel.

T purchased a triops kit from Schoolhouse Express a few days ago, but the hatching project has been on hold since we needed bottled water for their little tank. If he's interested, we'll get them set up sometime today.


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