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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Always on the Go

T never seems to stop moving. He is always engaged in an activity, sometimes two at a time, and is often rushing to another project after he is finished with his last.

Tonight we watched "Iron Chef America" (he has become an Iron Chef junkie), and he would rush downstairs in hopes of getting a few minutes of gaming time in during commercials. When I would yell that the commercials were over, there was an immediate thundering up the stairs and T bounding onto my bed to watch the latest battle (tonight it was "Battle Clam").

T approaches nearly all aspects of life in this manner. If he finds something that sparks his interest he never goes into it is all or nothing for T.

At school this proved to be extremely problematic. They wanted to label him ADHD, with a huge emphasis on HD. Nevermind that his activity was focused onto a specific project; the teachers and the rest of the staff that had contact with T failed to see this. He never wandered aimlessly about the class and school. He would quickly and efficiently finish work that he found tedious and boring and was then forced to sit placidly until he was forcefed even more unstimulating work.

Being at home allows T to be free, to pursue any and all interests when he chooses. He can spend an hour translating English into runes or hieroglyphics or two minutes glancing at the latest novel he has chosen to read. He can ask one question about a topic and be satisfied or completely immerse himself in a subject.


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