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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Finding joy in "junk"

This morning we woke up to a peaceful crabitat and ever-growing triops -- all is right in our household. LOL

When we first pulled T out of school, I was worried that the days would just drag on, and I would find myself counting down the minutes and hours until T and I would go to bed. I couldn't have been more wrong! I am finding that we are having a difficult time fitting everything we want to do into our waking hours.

Today we had a relaxing morning watching movies and headed out to WalMart this afternoon to get some pictures developed to send to Jody. Once we got home, T had a friend over to play for a bit. His friend had only been gone a few minutes before I saw T hard at work at the kitchen table. He was dismantling a broken PS2 controller. He didn't just remove the main case, he completely removed every tiny piece and then put the now empty shell back together. He asked if he could do more projects like this. I'm going to let him loose on two broken radio/CD players we have lying about the house and may even take him to a thrift store to pick up a few things (small appliances, electronics) if the interest persists. I also plan to research some simple electronics projects. I wish Jody were here since he is much more proficient at these types of things than I am!

This evening we watched yet another mummy documentary, this one was a Nova special about the discovery of the mummy of Rameses the 1st. At the rate we are watching/recording these shows, we'll soon have quite the DVD library of all things Egyptian! The rest of the evening was spent watching Disney's "A Kid in King Arthur's Court" and T read one of Jody's copies of Spawn. The Spawn reading had to have been the highlight of T's week. Both Jody and I had memories of that comic being especially graphic, but it wasn't bad at all (it must be the later ones we are thinking of). T is very HS in some regards so I previewed the comic beforehand. He was thrilled when I gave him the "OK" to look through it.


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