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Sunday, January 08, 2006

D&D according to T

T was very disappointed to find out that we had sold Jody's D&D books years ago (not to mention Jody's disappointment now that he realizes T would like to start playing!). Both Jody and I thought we had kept a few, but they are no where to be found. I ordered Jody and T a giftset of D&D books to get them started...the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master Guide, and the Monster Manual. They arrived a few nights ago, and they haven't left T's sight. He went through the Monster Manual page by page and has briefly flipped through the other two books.

Last night T approached me with a mischievous grin and his D&D books under his arm. "LET'S PLAY!" he exclaimed. So, we proceeded to play "D&D according to T." Now, D&D (at least to me) is extremely complicated. I can't seem to wrap my mind around all the tiny intricacies that this game embraces. That didn't seem to bother T in the least. He immediately appointed himself as DM, and we were off playing. He set me up with hit points (for attack and defense) and started me off on an adventure through a set of catacombs. I encountered a number of monsters, fell through floors, visited a mausoleum and stable, discovered chests (some filled with gold and armor, while others contained traps). He even had a few mythical creatures join me in my adventures (a pegasus and later a hippogriff). We rolled dice when we battled, and T took it upon himself to add/subtract the points and kept a running tally in his head. When we decided to wrap it up for the night, T wrote down a series of notes...where we were, what weapons/armor the characters had, the current attack/defense points for the characters, etc.

Most of T's time right now has revolved around playing "Dungeon Siege" and "Age of Mythology." He has found his way through both of these games with little to no help. I'm the one who is always reading manuals on how to play a game, while T just dives right in and is usually much more successful than I. There was a time where he would pass up any portion of a game that had to do with dialog, etc. He now insists on listening and/or reading it and reading/studying any bit of info that happens to pop up while he is playing.

Right now T is downstairs with a friend, coaching him on the finer points of "Star Wars Battlefront" and "Sly 3."

It seems like T and I have become real homebodies these past few weeks. We do love to get out, and it is a rare thing for us to stay home all day. We have, however, not been nearly as active outdoors than in past winters. I think part of it has to do with the crummy snow conditions this winter. I had visions of us cross country skiing often, snowshoeing, etc. This just isn't happening. We could snowshoe, but right now the ski areas are so incredibly icy. I don't have fun, and T gets extremely frustrated with the slick conditions...he really doesn't have fun! I'm also not dealing with the cold very well this year. I seem to always be cold, no matter how I dress. It's just no fun to be out when you are cold. I need to find a remedy to this since there is so much T and I could do outdoors, minus the skiing.....exploring downtown, going on photo shoots around town, and even geocaching. As it is right now, our main exercise is taking Jazzie for her nightly walk (and that is only for 15 min or so). Maybe we'll look into heading to the pool.


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