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Friday, January 13, 2006

Routine Days

We sent Jody a humor themed care package last week, which contained some DVD comedies, T's first movie "The Evit Two", a "Calvin and Hobbes" book, the Sunday comics, some Mad Libs that T and I completed, and -- of course -- a rubber chicken. Jody will think we have completely lost our minds, but it was such fun to put together.

A few of T's latest endevours:
Making movies, complete with outtakes (filmed AFTER the movie) and bonus materials (T discussing his reasons for making the films, etc.).
Bit of reading in new hermit crab book
Lots of time on Age of Mythology and Star Wars Battlefront

Recently, T has become quite interested in religion, questioning different Bible stories and asking about various other religions. Except for various discussions at home, T's only real exposure to religion has been in a school setting, as he has attended two different private schools. He even debated theology with his first grade teacher. Thank goodness she was open minded and didn't simply squash his curiosity and questions and dismiss them with a simple "it's in the Bible so you must believe it." T's most recent request is to get copies of The Koran, both in English and in Arabic. I'm going to see if Jody may be able to get a copy of The Koran while he is over in the Sandbox. He's already on the lookout for a book in Arabic for T.


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