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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Baptism by blaster

Last night T introduced me to Star Wars Battlefront II. I know T is extremely proficient at videogames, but my experience gives me new appreciation for his skill. I wasn't just bad --- I was TERRIBLE. I grew up as a part of the Atari generation: a simple joystick and a fire/jump button. The PS2 controller scares me....arrow buttons, two joysticks, and the X, square, circle, and triangle buttons. Oh yes, we can't forget the multiple left and right buttons that run along the side of the controller. Of course, this game uses all of them. I knew I was doomed from the very beginning.....

T was patient -- extremely patient -- with me and encouraged me all the way, as I banged into walls, shot the ceilings, and fell off cliffs. He even ran me through the tutorial, giving me tips and rooting me on when I died spectacularly again and again. I have to admit it was fun....but exhausting!

Today T rummaged through some of our older computer games and decided he wanted to play "Age of Empires" and "Civilization III." He only played Age of Empires for a bit but spent a number of hours on Civilization III; he would run to the top of the stairs and shout down to me everytime he made peace/declared war/conquered a city. He was quite successful in his game and, needless to say, there was quite a lot of shouting going on.


Blogger KatheAnde said...

I can't wait to have fun with ds when he gets older. I'm sure he'd catch on WAY faster than me. I'm a tetris player, basically, which don't say
much for these newer multibutton multitasking headswimming totally fascinating games... and yes exhausting! Ds is only 2 1/2 now so it'll be a couple more years before we see any of this great fun stuff.

He's been clicking away on the computer. And if he doesn't get into the games maybe *I* will. I loved the Atari games which I wasn't very good at and I've tried my hand at ps2 once or twice. That's the extent but even so it was loads of fun.

This is so cool. Moms who bop bop zip right along with their kids... ;)

I loved your blog on how T now lets others go first. I'm a sensitive type and school was monstrous (but not in a good way) on me. From 3rd grade on, it was hellacious. Bully for you and T... getting out of school. *I applaud*

Loving life and ain't it grand!

11:07 AM  

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