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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

And the school system rears its ugly head

*Sigh* Just when you think you are out of the clutches of the public school system, think again! Alaska is supposed to be one of the best states to homeschool; we don't have to notify or seek the approval of anyone. T's former school, however, doesn't see it this way and decided to send us a "nice" letter stating that we are not obeying the law. For a few hours this put me into a panic, with me coming up with scenarios whtat included social services or a truancy officer knocking on my door. That is until some nice, fellow homeschoolers put me at ease. I think the letter was a scare tactic more than anything, in hopes of getting T back into school. Afterall, T is money lost for the school if he is not enrolled. It just infuriates me that they are so "educated" yet I know more about the homeschooling laws than they do. How ironic.... Just in case I have folks that start asking questions, I have prepared a binder for T. It includes the homeschooling laws for AK and a "course of study" that I put together. Once in a while I add in things like places we've visited, books he's read, etc.

Last night we pulled out some PVC pipe and fittings since T wanted to construct his own sewer. He built two different designs and tested them out in the sink and bathtub. He even insisted that I videotape the demonstrations.

Before heading to bed, we watched a bit of "Brother Bear" which led to T asking if bears can see in color (after a quick internet search we found the answer to be "yes!") and making arrowheads out of polymer clay.


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