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Friday, August 11, 2006

Preparing for Albuquerque

My parents have conspired for the last year to get Tristan and I out of least temporarily....while Jody was gone. I fought and fought but finally relented when we found out Jody wouldn't be coming home as planned. My mom envisioned herself, Tristan, and I taking a trip to somewhere like Disneyland, but I really wanted to include Jody in something that I brought up the possibility of attending the Live and Learn Unschool Conference in September. Surprisingly she was receptive of the idea. Of course, the trip doesn't come without a few strings attached. We'll be staying a few days (which has now been extended to 10....ggrrrr....) in San Antonio with my parents before flying out to Albuquerque.

I'm really looking forward to the conference but am more than a little hesitant. There will be so many people, and I do terribly in crowds, especially when I don't know anyone. I also don't know how my mom will take to the whole conference atmosphere. She knows it's a homeschooling conference (she hasn't really been exposed to the entire idea of unschooling, except for the People mag article a few months back), but I don't think she realizes topics include the riches of video gaming, Harry Potter, geocaching, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or anime. LOL

Tristan hasn't talked about the trip much but is very excited about the manga/anime funshop, where he plans to dress up as
Captain Kuro from One Piece. He figured out his costume to the smallest detail, and yesterday we went out to the local thrift store to hunt down the items. We were very lucky and came out finding everything we needed, except for a key item tracked down at WalMart. Now, looking at Kuro you wouldn't think the costume could be that difficult....until you arrive at his infamous "cat claws," black gloves with long knives attached to each finger. Picture me late at night fighting with duct tape, two sets of gloves (the duct tape tore apart the first set), and plastic samurai swords. Not a pretty picture. LOL Although they look a bit rough, Tristan is happy with the outcome and has been perfecting his Kuro moves throughout the house.


Blogger Ren said...

I can't wait to see his costume!! And don't worry, your Mum will be so amazed by all the joy and excitement that she won't have time to question the activities as valid or not.:)

5:56 AM  
Blogger Nomadic Dreamers said...

Yeah, Tristan is really excited to show off his costume. He thinks it's especially cool that he gets to dress up for this AND Halloween (his bday and favorite holiday). LOL

I think my mom will be ok with the conference...probably not at all what she's expecting...but, like you said, with all the joy and excitement she won't question anything. She was quite impressed with the People article, Ren (THANK YOU for doing that!!). Last time she was here, I strategically placed that in her room. ;o)

1:01 PM  
Anonymous melissa said...

We're getting ready for Alb too, I'm nervous, it's our first one, and can't wait to meet all my online friends IRL. The girls can't wait to see Tristan's costume.


9:34 PM  

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