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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Picking up the pieces

It's nearing on two weeks since we found out that Jody would not be coming home from Iraq. The initial shock has finally worn off, and T and I are gradually getting back into our daily routine. It's been difficult, though. The summer has always been the most active time for our family. It was a rare day when someone would find us at home, as we were always out kayaking, hiking, geocaching, or just driving to explore new places. This summer has been different. T and I haven't gotten out much at all. The most audacious thing we might do is stop by Mickey D's for fries and drinks and then take a drive just outside of town. I think it's hard for me to get out and really enjoy the same things I so closely associate with Jody. I've had a few folks tell me to discover and develop new interests, but I just haven't found anything yet. I feel like I've been in a holding pattern for the past 12 months, ever since Jody left. I've got to break out of this, since Jody will not be coming home until December or possibly even later.

Tristan has been doing remarkably well, considering the circumstances. Recently, he found a slime recipe I pulled from our paper (well, technically it was some colloidal science experiment...but for T? SLIME!!), and proceeded to make batch after batch of the stuff in all sorts of colors and quickly developed a plan to sell it to the neighborhood kids. LOL

He's also been saving his money up for an XBox, as he has become a huge fan of Halo. A few days ago we headed to GameStop to buy a used system and Halo2. Well, Tristan finished that game in about 2 1/2 days. LOL He's had a lot of fun with it, however, and I think it has helped keep his mind off Jody for the time being.

This month is going to prove to be a rough one for Tristan, however, in more ways than one. His remaining three friends are all moving within 5 days of one another. :o(


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